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3 April 2011

Spring colours. Deep Orange and Orange.

I love nasturtiums' deep, warm, saturated colours. So full of life and vivacity, a moment's glance is enough to boost your energy. What's more, these beautiful flowers aren't just decorative, they're edible in their entirety. That's 100% efficiency.

Deep orange and orange nasturtiums
Deep orange and orange nasturtiums. (by-nc-nd) 

Orange nasturtium
Orange nasturtium. (by-nc-nd)

Orange nasturtium close-up
Orange nasturtium close-up. (by-nc-nd)

Deep orange nasturtium close-up
Deep-orange nasturtium close-up.
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  1. I've always loved nasturtiums too. Their color is very vibrant, and there's something about their greenery that is extraordinary, but it is really their seeds that make them so special. Nice job with the photos, as usual.

  2. Thanks a lot, The Book of Drachma. Nasturtiums are indeed wonderful plants -- not only are they beautiful, but also edible in their entirety.
    BTW, next time you drop by leave a link to your blog, I didn't find it in your profile.


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