Catching the fleeting scenes of many splendored life with a camera.
'Look closely. The beautiful may be small' — Kant


This is about photography as a means to an end. Every pair of eyes sees a unique world — this is mine.

Actually, I’ve never been too keen on photography — although I use it in design and decoration, what really floats my gondola is painting. Probably it's because I’m an in-depth-analysis, subtle-humour, and lofty-ideas person. ;-)
Another downside is that I’m obsessively picky. That said, I enjoy a lot wandering around with my camera, looking for interesting and varied shots.
Still, whether painted by a human hand or caught by a machine, every picture tells a story you want it to and lets others see the world through your eyes, making them pay attention to things they might otherwise overlook.
And who doesn't like cool pictures?

Our visual perception of the world is created by the play of light, highlights, colours and shadows. While the camera simply copies them, the painter is supposed to interpret and get across the infinite palette of their subtle interactions.
The main advantage of photography, on the other hand, is that it can freeze a moment, an emotion, the accidental, the temporary and gives you a chance to share with everyone things you love and hate.
What is more, macro photography — the art of taking close-up pictures that reveal details which can't be seen with the naked eye — opens new horizons and takes you to the magical realm of small things. Yet both trades have one aim in common — to capture the mood. And I have to admit digital photography made everything so much easier.
Photography is spontaneous improvisation, while painting is a deliberate, measured act — superposition /overlapping of multiple impressions, moments and emotions, that's why painting gets a deeper insight into the subject (of course, I'm talking about real painting, not smearing). 

I try to reflect life as is (avoiding poster-like look), without too many special effects (except for abstract compositions and a reasonable amount of editing / retouching) and render as faithful a reproduction of colours as possible – for beauty and richness of palette, nothing can beat Nature.

All the pictures on this site are originals taken by me (please, see the captions for a copyright notice).

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