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27 April 2011

Nature Corners,
Birch Forest in Spring

To me forests are some of the most beautiful places on earth. As a child, I dreamt of getting lost in the jungle and never finding the way back to the city every time we went on an  outing. Forests are especially lush and full of life in springtime. Although I love splendid majestic landscapes, I have a fondness for snug nooks and crannies any woods is rife with. Using orchestra as a simile, piano and string instruments are the leads, yet the sound of oboe isparticularly dear to my heart.

Nature corner. Lane
Nature corner. Lane. (by-nc-nd)

Nature corner. Lakeshore
Nature corner. Lakeshore. (by-nc-nd)

Nature corner. Birch forest glade
Nature corner. Birch forest glade. (by-nc-nd)

Nature corner. Forest footpath
Nature corner. Forest footpath. (by-nc-nd)

Nature corner. Sunlight through through forest
Nature corners. Sunlight through forest. (by-nc-nd)

Nature corner. A flowering willow
Nature corner. A flowering willow. (by-nc-nd)

A young fir tree in the copse
A young fir tree in the copse. (by-nc-nd)


  1. There's something primeval about these forest pictures, and I particularly like the forest footpath it reminds me of Sweden, when I was young...

  2. Spot on. You've just expressed what I actually forgot to mention -- I love these places precisely for their primeval feel. Thanks a lot.


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