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8 March 2011

Spring Colours. Speedwell Flowers and Birch Tree Catkins

'In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous.' (Aristotle)

Birch trees are already budding and flowering — a sure harbinger of spring.

Birch tree catkins
Birch tree catkins. (© Light Colour shade. All rights reserved)

Flowering catkins on a birch tree.
Flowering catkins on a birch tree.
(© Light Colour shade. All rights reserved)

Birch tree in catkins
Birch tree in catkins

A lot of early spring flowers pop up — even the smallest of them are exquisitely beautiful, if you look closely.
I never stop wondering at the complexity of such tiny structures.

Speedwell cluster (veronica serpyllifolia)
Speedwell cluster (veronica serpyllifolia)
(© Light Colour shade)

Speedwell flowers cluster
Speedwell flowers bathed in sunlight.
(© Light Colour Shade. All rights reserved)

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