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17 March 2011

A Cat that Walks On Her Own.
Footballer cat.

A few months ago an alley moggy included our garden into her territory, and has kept dropping by ever since. And with a good reason — occasional bread and lodging are provided for her by the neighbourhood whenever she wants. Needless to say that the tabby is in high demand.

This is a friendship on equal terms — no one owns her, she is self-contained, free and independent of humans’ whims. Despite her cute look, the pussycat is quite dangerous — she snaps, bites and claws, especially when touched on the underbelly.


Cat footballer
Cat footballer. 'Biding my time...'

Cat in possession
Cat in possession.

Cat with a ball
Cat with a ball. 'Won't let it go.'

Goalkeeper cat
Goalkeeper cat. 'The saving keeper.'

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