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16 April 2012

Ancient Fortress. Turrets and Merlons

Old architecture was and is intrinsically in harmony with nature, while modern architectural forms in most cases clash with or are clearly antagonistic to the nature. Apart from the styles and shapes, in large part it's due to the fact that ancient architects used natural building materials — the only substances that are 100% biodegradable, recyclable and environmentally friendly. That's why even ancient ruins look beautiful and magnificent, in contrast with ugly and toxic debris of modern buildings. No synthetic chemicals will ever meet these conditions, much as technocrats try to fool themselves and us.
Mind that, for some reason, we usually turn to old architecture for a picturesque and romantic air...

Turret and merlons
Turret and merlons
(© 2011 LightColourShade. All rights reserved)

Merlons. (© 2011 LightColourShade. All rights reserved)


  1. What you say about ancient architecture is generally true, and while it may seem a bit presumptuous to say, I think that part of what makes old architecture so fascinating is that it represents what did survive. And what did make it to our own time was the product of years of life-giving and life-sustaining work by master craftsmen, and not merely the work of pencil pushers of today. If you have not done so, I recommend that you read Ken Follett's masterpiece, The Pillars of the Earth - a really marvelous work in which the main character is a magnificent cathedral.

    By the way, I also think it is too bad that you do not have more of your own paintings captured as photographs. I particularly like the one of the old person napping - very true to life, and made more so by the fact that it as done by your own hand.

    1. Thank you for such a beautiful comment.
      You are spot on, I've always wondered why in the past when people had shorter life spans and lived in harsh conditions without modern comforts their buildings were meant to last centuries, as Plinius once put it, as if they weren't going to die; while today people live or rather exist longer, yet modern constructions are built to last a few decades at most and to contaminate for centuries. Nowadays, there're hardly any true master craftsmen left.
      I've seen the series The Pillars of the Earth, it is indeed an ode to some of the most elevated buildings on this planet -- cathedrals, but you're right -- I should read the book.
      I'm glad you liked my paintings, shame I didn't see the picture-taking part through.


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