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16 December 2011

The Cat that Walks On Her Own.
Night Watch.

I feel especially honoured by the moggy's visits, because she clearly doesn't drop in for food — she won't even taste any titbits I offer her since she obviously gorges herself on food at the neighbours'. Thus I deduce she comes by our terrace out of respect or just for the fun of hanging out with us, which flatters me a lot and proves that animals are capable of uninterested love.

Curiously, this isn't the first time an animal shows a lot of unfounded affection for me. As a teenager I once spent a couple of weeks holidays with a family whose well-cared for dog suddenly became so fond of me at first sight that he would follow me wherever I went and wouldn't part company with me day and night, completely forgetting his owner who, by the way, was the one who fed the pooch. When I was leaving, he followed me to the train station and was howling on the platform as my train was moving away. It broke my heart, and it hurts every time I remember the scene.
Ready for the jump.

Cat preparing for a jump
Cat preparing for a jump.
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The tabby isn't just a pretty face, she also keeps guard during the night. At about 12 o'clock she starts her night rounds. However, her intentions aren't always entirely selfless -- I took this shot when she was nabbed trying to poo into one of our flower pots.

Cat on the alert
Cat on the alert.
(© 2011 LightColourShade. All rights reserved)

Keeping guard on the windowsill. She is looking thoughtful, isn't she?

Portrait of a cat
Portrait of a cat.
(© 2011 LightColourShade. All rights reserved)


  1. I too like cats. Each one, it seems, has its own personality/temperament - completely self sufficient, though. This is a cat that is obviously "well off," but still, it seems likes to visit. Wonderfully rendered.

  2. Glad you liked the pictures. Actully, no matter what they do, cats are always cute.


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