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15 October 2011

Garden Roses.

Roses are my mum's favourite flowers; she says rose is the queen of flowers. Well, I believe garden roses are the most sensual flowers in the world.
A rose is a woody perennial of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae that comprises over 100 species. Rose isn't just a pretty face — its petals and hips have a lot of culinary and medicinal uses. The only downside is sharp prickles.

Of course, the odourless clones churned out in greenhouses somewhere in Africa and suchlike and then shipped to Europe every day where they are arranged into assembly line bouquets and sold in flower shops together with pointless alien-looking genetically modified hybrids have little to do with true roses.
A rose without fragrance is like music without feeling.

These are normal garden roses from my neighbour's garden that give off sweet scent you can smell from 10 metres away.

Pink roses
Pink roses. (by-nc-nd)

Dark pink roses
Dark pink roses. (by-nc-nd)

Dark red rose
Dark red rose. (by-nc-nd)

Tea rose
Tea rose. (by-nc-nd)


  1. Stella, they're all wonderful My favorite, though is the last one, the Tea Rose. I can almost smell it.

  2. Spot on, it's the most fragrant of all.
    Thanks a lot for dropping by.


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