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23 August 2011

The Cat that Walks On Her Own.
Siesta in a Hot Summer Afternoon.

The tabby loves taking an afternoon catnap on our terrace, especially in the shade of my flowerpots. And it goes without saying that whatever animals do is funny and cute.

Resting cat
Resting cat. (by-nc-nd)

Cat resting in the shade
Cat resting in the shade. (by-nc-nd)

'I'm kind of still drowsy...'

Drowsy cat
Drowsy cat. (by-nc-nd)

'I think I should keep snoozing to gain enough strength for a night's sleep.'

Cat taking time out
Cat taking time out. (by-nc-nd)


  1. So, we're not the only folks with contented, overstuffed cats. I loved the second photo especially.

  2. Don't be fooled by her tame looks, she as fierce as a tiger.


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